Hi! I'm Bre! I'm a firefighter/EMT-B in the lovely sunshine state that is Florida. 19 years old, trying to figure out this thing called "adulthood." I'm just a young woman in love with life and intend on living it to the fullest! IMPORTANT: I sometimes reblog medical things, photos of injuries/blood, etc.
Anonymous asked: Assuming we're looking past the normally poor decisions usually made by a person struggling with a life impairing substance addiction; the possibility of acquiring a misdemeanor/felony if caught with an illicit substance during a pat down is the pretty obvious motivator for a person of any gender to consider inserting a package of said substance in any orifice.

They shouldnt get themselves into that situation where they feel that threat and need to shove drugs imto said oriface and to not get into that situation they shouldn’t even get themselves involved with drugs in the first place. I just can’t wrap my head around letting a drug control my life so much that I would shove it up my vag to prevent getting caught.

"I hope she kisses you goodnight, not just once but twice. I hope she figures out everything about you and all the soft spots on your beautiful body.I hope she loves you enough that you won’t let her go, like you let me go. I’m sorry I couldn’t love you.”
— You deserve the best. (via beentough-butstillcheering-youon)


another stupid poem



chickens are jerks

the struggle




Fig 63. To find the long and short months. 1904.

Accounting professor taught me this

y’all didn’t learn this in pre-k?


4th wall breaking son of a bitch.